Thursday, April 29, 2010

Springtime bliss

Off to Austin, Texas exciting! Going to visit UT, meet with some artists, check out the music and art scene and see if I have a good vibe for the city.  I hear you can get a bike to ride while you're down there...that's right, they give bikes to visitors! How much fun is that?

I've just been enjoying the beautiful weather, the flowers, and quality time with my friends and my boyfriend.  Can't really complain, other than I'm stressed about money and what may come in July when my lease is up and I haven't decided where to live! It's all fun and exciting though. And as long as I can continue to create art then it doesn't really matter where I go... 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A little peek...

...into what I spent my day doing much fun in the sun.

Photographer: Dan Kempf Check him out on facebook. 

Monday, April 12, 2010

Don't go to the corner...

Kelsey wearing the birthday hat
the birthday girl
(motel rocks dress, vintage bracelet, f21 rings, sam edelman harness boots)
A fun weekend spent celebrating a birthday at a restaurant I will not be returning to. Also spending time with friends, hanging with the minnesota cycling team, going on bike rides, grilling out, playing trivia and camping by the beautiful Iowa river.  So much fun, I want a repeat every weekend.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lace & Leopard

(Vintage Lace Button up, Vintage Leopard Slip Dress, My Great-great Aunt's Vintage Diamond Gold Locket, Leggings from Denmark, Sam Edelman Boots, Vintage Purse)

Last night was date night with my boyfriend and we had so much fun!  Brian and I went to a restaurant called The Motley Cow and we got to sit and eat outside, which made us both very happy.  We had an excellent dinner with red wine, and ended with rich, delicious truffle and dessert drinks.  The weather has been beautiful...even the rain makes me happy.  My days have been spent painting and working at the restaurant and my late nights spent listening to music, sitting by the Iowa River, and going on walks....all in good company.  I'm fairly content with my laid back lifestyle as of lately, but am still unsure what I will do come July.  I suppose I'll know more after I travel to Austin...for now I'll just continue to enjoy life and the beautiful weather.