Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby, oh baby...

 21 weeks 1 day, my 26th birthday

 my love and I heading to dinner
There's a baby in there!
28 weeks, starting to get big!
We live in a castle!

Yes, I've been away.  Lots has been going on, and to be completely honest...none of my clothes fit anymore so there isn't much to photograph fashion wise besides my growing bump! On my birthday in January my love and I moved out of our apartment in Chicago and began our trip to Omaha, NE.  He got a new job, and my family is from the area sooooo we were off on short notice.  I got the opportunity to spend my birthday in Iowa City with all my old college friends which was sooooo nice since none of them had seen me pregnant! I miss them all so much! And they threw me the cutest little baby shower with lots of cute little boy clothes and toys! That's right, we're having a boy!  So since then, we lived in a hotel for 33 days which was not as fun as it sounds....and then moved into our new condo which looks like a castle! I've spent my days organizing, cleaning, unpacking, decorating and well...being pregnant. I miss working sooooo much.  It will all be worth it when we see our little guy though! So I'm now 30 weeks pregnant and anxiously growing and waiting for the big day.  It will be here before we know it! :)