Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Sanctuary

Well I already had an outfit post of my birthday dress, so here are a few pictures from my party at the Sanctuary with all of my friends in Iowa City.  My friend Laura spent winter break in Seoul, Korea and got me a cute little wallet and had her mom make me this hat, which I love!  Homemade gifts are the best.  And my roommate Misti made me a pink cake, which was delicious!  And to whoever decided that buying the 100 lb birthday girl a shot of tequila was a good idea-- I hope you learned your lesson.  A big thanks to all of my wonderful friends for coming out in an Iowan blizzard on a Monday night, and another thanks to my absolutely wonderful date Brian.  I feel so blessed to have so many great people in my life...and to Morgen and Allie, who are currently studying in spain and keeping the cutest blog ever-- You were missed!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

25 feels quite alright

(Mink Pink Striped Top, Forever 21 High waisted Faux Leather Stirrup leggings, Vintage Gold Jewelry,  Forever 21 Eternity Scarf, Secondhand Studded Chain Purse, Acne Atacoma Wedges)

My weekend getaway to Chicago ended after a wonderful birthday night of going out to eat at the best little restaurant called the Handlebar. I had fried plantains, black beans, and delicious avocados along with the best Winter Ale I've ever drank.  And it was the cutest place right in the middle of the Wicker Park area.  I haven't ever been a big fan of Chicago, but I must say that area is probably my favorite.  It's nice to be back home though, I missed my friends, painting, and I think I even missed working at the restaurant.  What can I say, I'm an Iowa girl at heart and its nice to be around good hearted midwesterners again.
Last night we had my birthday dinner at a great restaurant in Iowa City called the Sanctuary and it was just so much fun!  I had a hot date, fun with my girlfriends, and maybe a little too much wine.  I have a really great feeling about this year, and so far 25 has been good to me.  I'll end this post with a quote from the best birthday card I've gotten in a long time...and a fitting quote for my mentality as of lately.  "The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed." -Jung

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Birthday Party at Berlin

(On me: Motel Leopard Print Mini, Revival Boyfriend Blazer, Vintage Bracelets, Banana Republic Gold Ring, Urban Outfitters two-finger ring, Jeffrey Campbell Platform Wedges)

Today is my 25th Birthday!  So last night we all went to a gay bar in Chicago called Berlin, danced the night away, drank whiskey, hit on gay men, and took photos in the photo booth.  And no one could believe I was turning 25.  What does 25 look like anyway?
Well, by the end of the night I was so exhausted I ended up falling asleep on the couch.  Such a fun time though...which is now leading to quite a slow morning.  Happy Birthday to me :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The body slam of thee Quarter Century

(On me: Cotton Candy Leopard Fur Coat, Rodarte for Target Swiss Dot Dress, Aldo Nude Pumps, Banana Republic Gold Ring, Vintage Clip on Earrings and backpack. On Ursula: Secondhand Polka Dot Dress, Vintage Fur Coat, Jessica Simpson Lace-up Platform, Vintage Bag, Birthmark from Ortude Dial. On Ronnie: La Merde Jacket, H&M Jeans. On Everyone: Rented Ice skates) 

25th Birthday in Chicago
1. Showed up, Ursula still at work, buzzed myself in
2. Oscar peed on bathroom floor and I stepped in it
3. Drank bottle of Sauvignon Blanc out of beer mugs
4. Fell asleep spooning
5. Woke up an hour later to a beautiful man in striped panties jumping on us
6. Stepped in dog pee again
7. Woke up at 8 am to Ursula quitting her job of harassing people at Home Depot with frat boys
8. Decided to go Ice Skating
9. Started putting on fake eyelashes
10. Dug through tons of "perfect figure skating dresses"
11. Make-shift alterations with safety pins and broaches to make my dress fit
12. Make-shift alterations to Ursula's Yellow Guatemalan Satin Dress
13.  Removal of all make-shift alterations
14. Tried on onsies from White Fang movie set, Ursula tried on four pairs of shoes with 3 fancy dresses
15. Ronnie grumbled about annoying girls to the elephant stool perched in his corner
16. Re-safety pinned dresses
17. Finally caught the bus to catch the train
18. Harassed by man pretending to be deaf, trying to give calenders with Roses on them to Ursula, after fifteen minutes of said man departed to buy the perfect figure skating sparkly nude tights at Macy's
19. Went to bathroom to change to tights, schizophrenic woman yelling at herself in the mirror of bathroom
20. Bought fruigurt smoothie, sushi and hard sandwich from food court
21. Ursula gets harassed by 2 eldery women in sequin hats with no feet wondering how she wears such tall shoes
21. Returned hard sandwich, Ronnie gets Ursula's $5.95 back.
22. Arrived at Millennium Park Ice Skating rink, have a panic attack at the million people surrounding rink from above, on and around....surrounding on all sides
23. Forced ourselves to rent skates
24. Upon getting two feet onto the rink, Ursula flashes her coslopis and sparkling tights to the millions of spectators above and beyond
26. Twirled in the middle of the ice skating rink
27. Upon second circle through stopped for more cell phone photos to send to Momma J
28. Held Ursula's hand so she wouldn't fall
29. Hand holding party gets severely interrupted by adolescent boy plowing blades half way up shiny tights knocking into my fancy gold ring...brought Ursula down again with me.
30. Ursula tracks down said boy and forces him to apologize for his beahvior.
31. I run away from boy.
32. Return skates, exit park
33. Approach cross walk, Ursula bites the dust again. Laughter.
34. PHOTO SHOOT dirty legs
35. Harassed by Old Navy preacher with microphone and mini amp, who says if you smoke cigarettes (we don't) and/or are a homosexual (we are) that we will go to hell.  Ronnie flips the bird, wiggles his booty and exclaims "Fuck-a yaou-a."  Ursula and I are grab hands and smooch to spite him.
36.  Wiped Ursula's red lipstick off, crossed the street
37.  Crazy parade of young conservatives with megaphones and banners harass us, screaming and calling us consumers who shouldn't have bare legs in winter.
38. Enter Zara
39. Zara employee giggles at Ursula's dirty knees and tells me I look beautiful.  YAY! It's my birthday!
40. Buy sequin striped t-shirt saying "A Life in Art" because I unfolded it.  
41. Drink Earl G(r)ey Vanilla Creme
42. Enter train station
43. Putting tickets into the turn style, everyone made it through but one- Ursula.  Cracked out homeless man pushes Ursula through turn style and demands she give him $2 for letting her through....cracked out man follows us onto the train, demanding the $2, Ronnie has a verbal fit and spills drink all over himself.
44. After coming to a gradual realization we had no dollars, he departed the train much to our delight
45. Exit train
46. Start to walk home...Ronnie says "See that next light? Do you see it? That's our house..." GOOD. Our feet hurt from walking 4" heels.
47. Ursula falls again.
48. Five blocks later, Ursula falls again, Ronnie says "See that next light? That's our house...." He's full of lies.
49. 8,752,838,537 blocks later we arrive home.
50. THE END. 

Friday, January 15, 2010

Blonde Afro to the rescue!

Got this image from Liz over at Late Afternooon, a really amazing blogger based out of California.  She was talking about thighs, but I just couldn't get over this hair!  Some of you may remember my halloween costume this year, where I sported a mini version of a blonde afro.  But mine was all my real hair, which clearly isn't enough after seeing this photo.  How cool would I be if I walked the streets of Iowa City with hair like this?  It's definitely doable.  Just need a couple sets of hair extensions and foam rollers and I'm in the game.  

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Done, and Done.

(Oil on board, 2009, 11"X14")

Last photo of a painting to edit to put in my portfolio. Then I hit SUBMIT.
Portfolio is done! Yay!
Now the waiting begins...

They are always Untitled

(Oil on board, 11" X 14, 2010)

Finishing up grad school applications, just finished this painting...My new camera is photographing the images quite well.  Things seem to be taking yet another direction with my paintings, excited to see where this goes.
Back to work.

Wall Installation

(Mixed media collage on wall)

A good view of the installation I made covering an entire wall for my B.F.A. show.  This is the wall that caused me to curl up in a ball on the gallery floor, hanging a show is such a wonderful and terrible experience. Finally around to editing the photo, since I'm using it as part of my applications which are due TOMORROW!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I keep the t.v. off

(Minkpink Charlotte's Web Tunic, Vintage Fur Collar, Aerie Lace Bra, Acne Atacoma Wedges)

Testing out my new camera.  I do believe I will be purchasing some better glass, since the lenses that came with it are just so-so. And since I shoot mainly portraits for my paintings, it will probably be necessary.  I've got my eye on a Canon L-series lens...if anyone has one please tell me how you like it.  I have a feeling I'm going to have to be extra creative in spots to shoot, since the weather is so bad and my apartment is so small. But I have faith...I also find that editing photos is much easier in bridge, so I'll have to upgrade my macbook since my version doesn't have that feature. Why is it that being an artist is so expensive?  I'll be needing to work extra hard...and maybe break down and try to sell some paintings and drawings.  After grad school apps are turned in that is.

These zippers don't make me less cold

(Samsøe Samsøe Black Dress, Second Hand Better Be striped T, Vintage Necklace, Target Leopard Print Scarf, Target Knee high socks, Aldo Tureson Wedges, BCBG Max Azria convertible zipper coat)

My camera is here! So from now on I will update regularly :)  I charged it right away and ventured out into the blizzard going on right now.  It's been snowing since last night and it is showing no sign of stopping.  Luckily I just got new tires on my car, so it's feeling feisty and up to the challenge of driving in snow drifts.  Seriously though, I need to move somewhere where I don't need a car, because I hate driving and especially in this junk.  Though, I must say it is a pretty sight....if you're inside in the warm. It's speculated to get -36 degrees tonight....Sorry I'm just talking about the weather, but I just can't help it.
Also my mother splurged and got me this amazing coat for christmas, it's wonderful! It seriously can be worn like 10 different ways due to zipping parts off and together.  And the best part is its an XXS, so it actually fits me without having to get it altered! A nice coat makes all the difference. Also I got new perfume and it smells heavenly. I'm so picky about fragrances. My nose is so sensitive.  I've been wearing Armani Code for the past two years and decided it was time for a change.  So I smelled upon Hanae Mori Blue Butterfly and it is glorious!  An unusual scent and one I immediately took a liking too. Sometimes I'm not so hard to please :)

Hello Heels

(Jeffrey Campbell Xenon)

Yes, you're looking at it: a beautiful five inch wedge that is actually affordable.  JC is a copycat offender, but I must not complain much for his knock offs since all the little people (such as myself) can't afford major designer shoes...really having no money just makes life that much more interesting. And to top it off, payback of student loans has officially begun. Ugh, help me.
And yes, I've totally been a bad blogger lately. Terrible! I know, I know. But today my new camera came via the UPS man, but of course I was at work and unable to sign for it. tomorrow I'm going to sit in my apartment all afternoon and wait for him to come again. And of course work on my grad school apps, which is also a reason why I have not been blogging.  Enough of excuses, I've decided  that since I won't be in school anymore I need to occupy my time with tons of painting and lots of blogging. So soon prepare for lots of updates on new artwork and outfits.