Wednesday, June 23, 2010


(vintage hand sewn skirt, vintage cropped velvet top, forever 21 necklace, shoedazzle heels)

I picked up this fun skirt at the Goodwill months ago and it has just been sitting in my closet.  I spotted it on the rack, saw the $2 price tag and couldn't control the urge to buy.  Soon I'll find a place to wear it.
 The humidity is nearly unbearable here.  The minute I walked outside with my camera, the lenses fogged so bad that it created a haze over all of my why not just work with the challenges that life gives you?  Being outside feels like being in a sauna, literally.  And most of my shifts at work lately have been on the patio so I spend my hours there with rosy cheeks and a sticky forehead.  Oh the joys of extreme weather changes in the midwest.
I've been doing more research for MFA grad programs in San Francisco and had a phone interview yesterday.  It went really well, and it looks as though I could be starting classes in September and moving in October! I'm so excited I could jump up and down!  No more small town Iowa. Okay, off to work in this dreaded humidity yet another night....

Friday, June 18, 2010

Go if you wanna go, but I won't follow...

(Beulah Asymmetrical Sheer Top, Vintage Levi's, Forever 21 Necklace, Express Leopard Print Bra, Vintage Boots)

Leave if you wanna leave, but I won't be here when you come home...
Getting excited thinking about new beginnings and leaving this familiar path.  Trying new things, putting myself out on the line, taking risks, exploring the unknown, falling through gravity....I'm so ready.  
I was supposed to work on the patio today downtown, but a big bad storm came rolling through around lunch time and I got to do some much needed research and fun photo time after the storm passed.  I also picked up these vintage Italian boots today at one of my favorite second hand shops, Revival...for $20...a steal! It's also fun to have really tiny feet.
I've been so pleased with the versatility of this top, I will be sure to document what I mean by that. I really just need to start carrying my giant camera with me more places.  We are celebrating a few of my good friends birthdays tomorrow night, so I'll remember to get a few pictures of the beautiful lace dress I am wearing with these new boots! I've noticed that I tend to purchase similar articles of clothing...I can't help myself.  What can I say? I know what I like....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Collection B

(Collection B Leather Jacket, Vintage Dress, Mom's Vintage Belt, Lucky Charm Necklace, Express Thigh Highs, Aldo Shren Wedge Boots)

I can't believe I didn't remember to post these on my blog!  At the end of last month, sent me this one of a kind jacket to style from Collection B's upcoming fall collection.  Its a beautiful jacket and I'm really excited to see the other pieces.   I was told it must be a fall look, so even though I thought I might have a heat stroke due to the 100 degree humid Iowa afternoon, it was still fun to style.  I also can't believe I haven't photographed this dress before, as it has been one of my favorites.  I found it in the coolest little store in Iowa City called White Rabbit, and I believe it is a children's dress from the early 90's.  This is why it's so fun to be petite! 
On a more serious note, my life has been extremely hectic lately.  I've been working two jobs trying to save money, researching a possible move to San Francisco in January for grad school, and of course constantly thinking about places I can visit in the meantime.  I was in Minneapolis on Monday night and Tuesday and had so much fun!  I had a great guide- he took me wandering around to all the fancy boutiques, treated me to lunch, discussed art, played darts, drank tasty beer and ended by taking a nap by Lake Calhoun. The perfect way to spend a day off with a really wonderful old friend. The whole time I had wished I had grabbed my camera, because it was such a beautiful day.  There's always next time...
Time for bed, as I have another close to 12 hour work day tomorrow.  Oh, the life of a starving artist... xo

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My best friends wedding

Last weekend my best friend Mary got married! It was a great weekend filled with festivities from Thursday through Sunday.  I have more pictures of the beautiful bride that don't seem to want to upload right now, so I will add them later if they decide to behave.
So I spent time in Omaha and had so much fun dancing the night away on the night of Mary's wedding.  The only mishap I had was getting the dress on, which I had altered weeks before but was unable to try on before.  It took several ladies to get it zipped and I couldn't breathe most of the day! But it was worth it to watch my beautiful best friend walk down the aisle with tears in my eyes.  I also did my own hair, along with some of the other bridesmaids hair and makeup....all of which are in rest of the pictures. Everyone looked so beautiful... Congrats again Mr. and Mrs. Prusa! You are a wonderful, lucky couple...hope you're having fun in Jamaica!