Friday, December 31, 2010

Changes coming in 2011

 17 weeks 5 days

I haven't been blogging due to recent life changes, all exciting I must add.  As you can see my boyfriend and I are expecting our first child! Yipppeee! We get to find out what we are having in two weeks and are really excited.  Everyone has been saying I'm carrying a boy, so we shall see if they are all correct.  We'll be happy either way.  Its been a rough pregnancy so far, getting sick all the time, tired, headaches, and slowly growing out of my clothes.  But the feeling of a little baby kicking in my belly makes it worth while! All has taken quite a toll on my time and energy to take photos.  Now that I'm finally feeling a little better I hope to be able to share some pregnancy fashion on the blog.   I also now work full time in the Nordstrom shoe department and couldn't be loving it more.  This adds to my tiredness though, as my commute is over an hour every day, and the weather is freezing! I even caved and bought my first pair of snow boots, which have saved my little tootsies like you couldn't believe.  So this is my new life, in a new city with exciting things happening! Oh, and that little fat face is our sweet english bulldog Ruby.  Life is good ending 2010 and I am so excited for everything to come in 2011.