Monday, May 17, 2010

Yeah, we just fell through the clouds

rockin' out in the car...gearing up to jump out of a plane!
we're all signed up!
"I just jumped out of an airplane!"

Sunday a group of friends and I drove an hour to Vinton, Iowa to Paradise Skydiving...well, you SKYDIVE!
Let me be frank, I am not a person who would say..."I want to go skydiving..." My mom even went as far as saying of her five children, I was the one she would have least expected to jump out of a plane.  
And really, I didn't even think about it. I said okay...and then I couldn't think about it, because if I thought it over I wouldn't have done it.
It was the best day of my life, no joke.  I have never felt more free, happy, excited and ALIVE. I want to go every weekend....please someone fund my new adrenaline rush addiction.  Thanks.
I have been a little under the weather today, so I'm not feeling that I can express how amazing this experience was adequately.  Moral of the story: GO SKYDIVING! It will change your life and give you a whole new outlook. Seriously, go skydiving.
Love you all.

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  1. Cool cool cool Really ... I wanna try it one day ...maybe this month. :p