Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Akira Fashion Show

 (Motel Leopard Print Dress)
 (Free People Navajo Dress and Black Lace Slip, Urban Outfitters Mixed Chain Necklace, Vintage Velvet Jacket, Acne Atacoma Wedges)

Spent Sunday night at the Akira Fashion Show, which ended up being tons of fun.  My roommate Kitty and I just had general admission tickets so we couldn't see the show well at all, but we had a wonderful time playing dress up at the venue.  Loved seeing everyone dressed up!  I was obsessing over the black fringe dress on the Akira representative, but couldn't find it in my size.  And how adorable is the guy with the bow tie? I ended up getting a tight little black dress with adorned shoulders and leaving the leopard print dress behind, since I already have a sleeveless one very similar by Motel.  Its already starting to get pretty chilly in Chicago, my favorite time of year is fall so I'm excited to experience it in a new city.