Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hello Heels

(Jeffrey Campbell Xenon)

Yes, you're looking at it: a beautiful five inch wedge that is actually affordable.  JC is a copycat offender, but I must not complain much for his knock offs since all the little people (such as myself) can't afford major designer shoes...really having no money just makes life that much more interesting. And to top it off, payback of student loans has officially begun. Ugh, help me.
And yes, I've totally been a bad blogger lately. Terrible! I know, I know. But today my new camera came via the UPS man, but of course I was at work and unable to sign for it. tomorrow I'm going to sit in my apartment all afternoon and wait for him to come again. And of course work on my grad school apps, which is also a reason why I have not been blogging.  Enough of excuses, I've decided  that since I won't be in school anymore I need to occupy my time with tons of painting and lots of blogging. So soon prepare for lots of updates on new artwork and outfits.

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