Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Life goes easy on me most of the time

(American Apparel Sheer Button up, Mom's vintage belt, Inbox Leopard print dress, Forever 21 Ribbed tights, Aldo Shren Wedges, Urban Outfitters Shark tooth necklace, Indian turquoise eternity necklace, Museums Smykker chain necklace, forever 21 embellished ring, DIY leather cuff)

Back to working in my studio, prepping for more applications for back up post grad programs in case I don't get into grad school right away.  Working a lot, enjoying the beautiful snowfall, and spending my nights in good company.  Life as a 25 year old is good as far as I'm concerned. 
Sorry again for being a bad blogger lately.  But a HUGE special thanks to everyone who reads my blog, I love getting your comments :) xo


  1. I just love the song you quoted, I'm still sick but it put a smile on my face :) xoxo

  2. so happy you are hard at work in the studio... I loooove your work. Do you ever do commission pieces?

    the boots and tights rock... so lovely.



  3. Hi!
    I can see you are from Iowa and I just wondered if you could give some suggestions for fashion blogs from girls that go to ISU or just Ames? :) I live in Denmark but I'm writing a project about blog and fashion in Iowa :)