Monday, February 8, 2010

My knees are cold

(Silence and Noise shirt dress, random old belt, Aldo Wedges, Shop Nasty gal angora eternity scarf)

I've been listening to a lot of indie/folk music lately and spending lots of time with a laid back and genuine guy (I have a crush!) all of which has caused my wardrobe is become a bit androgynous...though I'm still trying to keep a bit of my girlish charm, you know.  Romance is in the bitter cold Iowan air!  Speaking of that, I wandered down the street to a great little park close to my house with my camera and tripod...only to realize I had left my memory card at home.  Boo and Burr! Its cold and snowing! My eyes were tearing up so I gave up on that little adventure only to come home and try to take photos in my drab little living room. So today I'm feeling a little blah....I spent most of my day reading my new Phaidon Painting Today book...and well I do feel inspired, but I also feel kind of blah.  I think the cold weather is really starting to get to me.
On a lighter note, I finally got a haircut and it wasn't terrifying!  I went to a stylist on recommendation and haven't been happier with the conversation and environment.  Plus she is super cool and has great style....major bonus. So if you're in or around the Iowa City/Coralville area I definitely speak very highly of Jess at Blaze. Go to her and you won't be disappointed.
Oh, and I've had some questions about other bloggers in the state of Iowa, specifically Iowa State and unfortunately I really don't know of any.  I know that Iowa State is supposed to have a good fashion design department, but the times I have been to Ames I have not seen any proof of that.  Sorry I can't help more!


  1. love the androgeny, and the shoes are ridiculous good.

  2. ahh i hate when that happens. nice outfit :)

  3. You're featured on a collage post on my blog, ciao :)

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