Friday, September 11, 2009

Irving Penn

(Source: Google Images)

Irving Penn is the photographer who changed the way women were photographed in fashion. He is the man who brought in the plain backgrounds: simple white/black/gray backdrops and he's in his 90's and still photographing! 
He photographed beautiful women for years and years and then he started to photograph trash! This is the sort of transition I am in with my paintings, though not a complete turn from the human form. For years I painted beautiful photorealistic women and now these women have turned into something different. Something damaged and not always so beautiful. Well not to get all serious on you, but I feel like his photography is something to take into consideration here. 
And I think the top photo may have inspired Caroline's Mode lace bunny ears! :)


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  1. Love the paint splash photo amazing and so hard to do that kind of photography