Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

(Rodarte for Target Dress, Target Lace tights, Sam Edelman Booties, Mom's Vintage Rhinestone necklace, Mom's Vintage Snakeskin and Silk Gloves, Mom's Vintage Sequin Purse)

Unfortunately, I haven't had the change to get the Rodarte dress taken in yet, so I look a little bit like I'm wearing a mesh and lace sack.  It will be prettier when it fits nicely.  My little brother Max and I are celebrating being snowed in on christmas with a little homemade punch and fancy outfits.  My mom's dog Ella Bella decided to join us for a few photos also.  She is such a happy little dog. And my mother's house is beautifully decorated for the season, so it added a nice decor for our photos.

Merry Christmas Eve!


  1. Your outfit is lovely... You look absolutely gorgeous !
    And I love your dog <3 !

    Merry christmas

  2. AWH! What a wonderful candlelit table! & gosh, girl. You rock that Rodarte dress. :> <33


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  6. love when ppl dress up. happy 2010.

  7. these photos are very addams family it!