Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Not so Wildwoods...

(Express Tuxedo Pants, Vintage handmade plaid shirt, aude grey tank, Jones Leather Bomber Jacket, Banana Republic necklace, Urban Outfitters two-finger ring, Danish silver ring, Acne Atacoma Wedges)

Thank goodness its finally warm and mild enough to shoot outside again, I'm so happy! At least for the time being....shortly after these photos were taken it started thundering, lightening and pouring, but I can't complain because its much better than snow and ice.
I've been feeling really down lately, which has to do with a lot of different factors...but another occured to me today.  I recently completely changed my diet, and I'm sure my body isn't used to my new extreme vegetarian and organic food choices.  I'm even lingering towards becoming a vegan.  I do think this is going to be so much better for me, and in the long run I will feel healthier.
So tonight one of my best friends Kelsey and I had planned on going to a country music concert at a bar called Wildwood...which ended up being soldout! I'm not a country music fan at all, but I even put on my plaid shirt to look the part!  But don't worry we found other entertainment to occupy our time.  Plus my plans are to move away from Iowa in August so I want to use the time I have here to spend as much time with my friends.  And I'm so excited to get back in the groove of making art and blogging regularly again.


  1. where are you going to move? i'll be in iowa in june as well as august or september! we should eat at all my fave vegan places! (i'm not such a healthy vegan though...)

  2. A few things...
    1) I'm glad your mood is adapting with the seasons. Sunshine is the best remedy.
    2) You look so European it's not even funny. Keep combining traditionally "male" clothing with heels, it's all the rage here.
    3) Vegetarianism is the best decision I've ever made. I do not approve of you turning vegan though... unless you can make exceptions for my chocolate chip cookies.
    4)Don't ever leave me.