Saturday, March 13, 2010

He doesn't ever bring me pretty flowers...

(Secondhand Dress, Vintage Velvet Jacket, Mom's Old Floral Scarf, Vintage Embroidered Scarf, F21 Lace-up Boots, Secondhand Kate Spade Bag)

So I make due with other sorts of florals. I've been listening to Billie Holiday today, which makes me happy.  After another restless night of what should be considered sleep, I've decided to be productive before work.  I have to wear all black to work every day, but I needed something to brighten up my day.  So what better than to break out my Mom's bright floral scarf?  I walked down to the park to snap some photos and it was so windy that my contact popped out, so I kept it in my mouth the entire shoot.  And my scarf went flying away! But I ran after it and saved its life....which I imagine would have been quite a comical thing to see.  Thanks again for your kind emails and comments. Blogging is such a positive part of my life :)

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