Friday, November 13, 2009

Painting Garb NOW

(Free People open back top, Long Underwear, Doc Marten Combat Boots)

There's something really endearing about such poor quality photos and such simple paint garb clothing. I got out of bed this morning after killing many brain cells this week with chemicals, and couldn't handle looking in my closet. What resulted was this poorly put together ensemble. And so I spent the day painting, both in my studio and then at the new location of the restaurant I work at- monica's! Hopefully we will be up and running again tomorrow, because my cash flow is running low since we have been closed since Sunday. So usually managing and serving at the restaurant is how I manage to sort of not be a starving artist :) Okay, back to painting....pretty sure it will be an all nighter at SA tonight.


  1. great boots. You're a server too! I've served and bartended since I was 19, much respect for fellow service industry workers, especially creative types working through college, I can totally relate. :)

  2. what are those boots!!! i think i love them... :)