Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Stairway to nowhere

(Secondhand NY&Co Jacket, Vintage Faux Fur Scarf, Gap Sequin Gold Scarf circa 2003, Urban Outfitters Lace fingerless gloves, Black Vintage 80's Bodycon dress from Ebay, Vintage Necklace, grey heathered tights from Target, Secondhand Brown Riding Boots)

Somehow I have an abundance of pictures that I have forgotten to upload. These were take about a month ago, on the staircase to the storage attic at work. Silly how I forget these!

Its getting so cold, I believe I will have to permanently attach some type of fur to my body this winter. Also, my BFA show is in less than 2 weeks...yikes! So the stress of that is really starting to kick in. There could be a lack of fashion pics resulting from this. Sorry in advance.


  1. Lo I have complete faith in you. You may not know this but some of your best fashionista moments have been those in which you roll out of bed and throw on your painting garb. Bring back the grunge!

  2. I agree with us "Lauren the painter" Fashion isn't always about dressing up...its about dressing like yourself :)