Monday, November 30, 2009

The calm before the storm

(Vintage Mink fur coat, Vintage velvet blouse, H&M Scarf worn as headwrap, Forever 21 Leopard print tights, Aldo Shren Wedge Boots, UO Peacock Belt, Piece of a Girl locket earrings)

Finally an outfit post. Took these pictures right before I bleached my one recognizes me! Ahhh...
I must tell you about this coat. It belonged to my great grandmother Naomi Queen and it's unbelievable. When I was a little girl it hung in our hall closet for years and years in a giant blue bag...and I dreamed of one day having a place to wear it. Its to the floor and so heavy, I suppose perfect for Iowa winters :)


  1. Amazing outfit :)
    Love your blog.


  2. Sweet fur woman! Now, let's see those eyebrows!!!

    -Janet from

  3. Gorgeous. Everything about this... amazing.
    The fur, the tights... you are just beautiful.
    Hope you had happy holidays... loved seeing photos from your opening!!
    xxx Amy and Alex

    ohh, and yes, lets see the brows!