Monday, November 9, 2009

unprecious territory

(Secondhand Leather Motorcycle Jacket, Forever 21 Dolman Sleeve Tunic, Pige Leggings, DIY Faux Fur Scarf, Secondhand Over the Knee Boots)

I have been so overwhelmed and anxious to hang my art show the past week. I keep losing my SD card, my phone, my mind...the usual. These photos were taken last wednesday, and of course I lost my SD card right after...ha! Luckily it magically showed up on my table in my studio...hmm, very peculiar. Sometimes I don't think I am to blame for things disappearing. There just has to be a little mischievous fairy following me around, that's the only logical answer right? :)

Oh, and a fun story about my outfit. I found these boots two years ago at a secondhand store called Revival in town for only $ about a steal! And the jacket is from a bag full of old clothing left by one of the art professors. I love making good finds!

1 comment:

  1. love everything about this... everything.
    When is your art show?! do post photos and let us know how it goes... xx alex and amy