Friday, August 6, 2010

Candy flavored mission to the moon

(top photos: Nylon Magazine, Copenhagen Fashion Week. Other images: original artwork by me)

I know pastel highlights are nothing new, but I can't help that I want still find myself thinking about and wanting them.  I even made an appointment in July to get them done but ended up having to work when I scheduled it.  They are subtle, yet fun.  Do I still do it?  I'm interviewing for jobs in Chicago, so maybe I should wait, but at the same time I want to just do it. Ahhh.....
So I've been thinking a lot about pastels, and light colors, fabrics and textures when I came across these images I made back in 2005.  They are my own original drawings collaged with items I scanned in the computer.  I used coffee filters, fabric, jewelry, and even went as far as putting cotton candy ice cream on my scanner. To end my thoughts on all things sweet and girly, the heading of this post is a tattoo I have down my right rib cage...I just can't help but be attracted to sweet, candy like ideas...

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  1. who is the second model? if thats you youre beautiful.. i'd love to feature some of your shots on my blog and credit you of course
    my email is
    let me know!