Thursday, August 5, 2010

Window Sill

(Forever 21 White V-Neck, Zara Jeans, Jeffrey Campbell Wedges, Vintage Bracelets, necklaces, and scarf)

My favorite summer hairstyle has been the side fishtail braid.  It's so easy and fun, it makes a simple outfit not so simple.  And people always comment on it.  Since I'm living out of a bag of basic clothing, mostly work clothes, I'm having to get creative in other ways.
I'm staying in an efficiency in downtown Iowa City right now and it's so cute, I love old buildings.  Snapped these quickly right before I was on my way to run errands this afternoon.


  1. Those wedges look awesome!! I've seen youtube videos on the fishtail braid - just wish my hair was a bit longer :\

  2. I like your look!! ;)

    xx Alexandra