Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bleached Brow

A few more and a better look at the bleached brows. Still getting used to them. Thoughts?


  1. I am tottaly in love with them!

    I come from a family of flaxen faired blue eyed german girls, and we all have bleached looking brows. It looks natural on you, not alien!

    Almost all of us have had our hair grow darker, including our brows, and both my sister and I are seriously considering bleaching our brows. (I die my hair bleach blonde, and my sister is going to make the transition back to her "natural" hair colour

    [: keep them! they rock <3

  2. I love the shoes they are awesome... fabulous look


  3. Not many people can pull off bleached brows, but I think you look amazing with them!
    And I LOOOVE your blog! I'm following you now :)

  4. I like them! They totally work with your super light hair. Besides, if you get bored with them you could always just pencil them in for a totally different look.

    -Janet at

  5. i really like it! why not mix things up