Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Shopping!

I know its christmas time, and I'm supposed to be buying presents for my loved ones. I swear I've been doing that too.  But sometimes I go crazy! And I buy lots of stuff for myself! Because really, a lot of super cool, super fun events are coming up right around the corner.  I'm having a graduation party, New Years Eve is coming up, my 25th (ahh!) birthday party is January 24(if you're reading this you should come), my roommates birthday is in February...I need lots of pretty dresses.  And I graduated college! I should buy myself presents and so should other people! So I caved, I bought two Rodarte for Target dresses...that are both too big and have to be altered.  Luckily those weren't too expensive and I love them.  And I bought some Aldo nude platform pumps that are so HOT! And my open back Alexander Wang T NYE dress came in the mail, but I'm not at my apartment to receive it. Sad. But happy. I love dresses. I love shoes. Yay!
Also, I'm buying myself a Canon SLR for my graduation present. I know, you're probably all confused because most of my pictures are taken on a fancy camera (I was borrowing it from the UI photo lab and had to return it).  So this is partially why I haven't been posting any outfit pictures because I don't have the camera anymore.  So soon, I'll be super back in action and ready to roll. I promise.  And I've been extra creative with my outfits lately because its cold and icy and snowy and I have to layer like a mad woman.  I need a warmer coat!
So Merry Christmas to all, I hope you're doing as well as I am and enjoying time with your families.  I have an awesome older brother, a super cool younger sister, and two younger brothers so its party, party when we're all together for the holidays.  Wahooo!
So over the holidays, I say...kick back, relax, wear lots of sparkles, red lipstick, and high heels! Oh and braid your hair, its pretty :) I know I will!

p.s. I totally am cheating and I used a picture of me from a Holiday Party in 2007...shhhh, don't tell. I've been a bad blogger.

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  1. I feel you on this.... trying to shop for others (eh) and keep running into fabulous things for upcoming events... on sale! ahhh. bought too many rings today that I didn't need... tis the season right?
    Yay for a new camera... its going to be your everything, i know mine is.