Thursday, December 24, 2009

Welcome to Mexico

(Target Leopard Print tights, Ella Moss black Slip Dress, H&M Purple Body con dress, Inbox Dolman Cardigan, Inbox Crystal necklace, Bamboo Shiny Stud Ballet Flats, Rings from quarter machine in little mexico aka El Portal)

Ha! I always love coming back to small town Iowa and dressing in lots of patterns, sparkles, and having fun.  People just don't know what to do.  Went to "Mexico" (as my younger siblings call it) a little mexican restaurant for tasty authentic mexican food and Margaritas for $1.99!  My sister Drew and I ordered margaritas and the little mexican waiter looked at us and asked in his soft spoken broken english "You want liquor in margarita?! I.D.s?" Sat around while my little brother tried to convince his high school friends that I was the new foreign exchange student from Sweden who just arrived for a half year.  My bleached eyebrows have been the topic of jokes among my siblings, I think they haven't been wanting to claim me :) haha....I love them either way.
Also, showing off my new $17 flats along with sister matching wrist tattoos that I designed years ago.  Still love our scribble hearts.
Merry Christmas Eve everyone!  I've been sitting at my moms house eating too many cookies, singing christmas songs at the top of my lungs and forcing my little brothers to help me gesso and sand giant boards to paint on.  It's snowing like crazy, expecting 12-16 inches...when there was already snow on the ground. Yikes! Love you all, and hope you're having as much fun with family as I am.

Upcoming: My sister shot photos for a calender and she looks HOT! Little Drewbie in a bikini on a pool table. She's gonna kill me for sharing!

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