Sunday, December 6, 2009


(Oil on canvas stretched on board)

I finished this painting around 4 am the night before my show opened (my show opened at 8 am)....always working until the last minute! This painting proved to be difficult in that it is much larger than I usually work and it is strictly oil paint. I did a lot of sanding for texture and many, many light layers of oil. I'm currently starting two more larger paintings (lifesize and larger) to include in my grad school applications because I would like a variety of sizes. Its so stressful! I want so badly to get into a top school, so I'm continuing to work every day on painting and creating to be the best I can possibly be. Its interesting how noticeable my hand develops over time. I must say, I really love what I do and I strongly believe in what I'm doing.
Also I just wanted to thank all of my readers. I love your comments and please don't ever be shy to contact me with questions or comments. It tickles me and makes my day.


  1. I just discovered your blog a few days ago and I gotta say you are an inspiration to me. I admire you for your dedication to your craft, and it shows in your work and the time put in develop your skill. I wished I followed my heart the way you are with your painting ( I draw, but not for a long time, I pursued the path my parents mapped out for me). You have given me my dream back to take up drawing again and become as good as I can. What do you paint from? Photos? Or models? I wish you all the best in your applications to grad school!

  2. this is an incredible painting! the detail and color variation of the hair makes it look almost real! you have so much talent :)

  3. I really love this's definitely one of my favorites so far...she kind of reminds me of a modern version of a woman from medevil times...i think it's that deep color red...

    good luck with your grad school apps you'll do great!